Changing the world

Our firm is dedicated to making an impact in communities locally and abroad. Over that last 20 years, we’ve accomplished a lot. Here are a few select projects we're passionate about.


Free the Children

We have partnered with Free The Children to support programs that lift communities and their residents from poverty.

When a client interviews a candidate that we’ve presented them with, we will make a donation to Free the Children.

Fistula Foundation

We’ve partnered with the Fistula Foundation to help raise awareness and funding for fistula repair, prevention and educational programs worldwide.

The Enlightenment Project

The Enlightenment Project promotes self-awareness and rational thinking skills amongst children in Third World countries, encouraging them to think about their own cultures in new, innovative ways. Through the Enlightenment Project, we’ve created and sponsored essay competitions involving hundreds of students in Khayelitsha, South Africa, Wenchi, Ghana and Dungar, India.

Project Guardian Internship Program

In 2005, we began working to identify job openings specifically for orphans, victims of the child sex trade and survivors of domestic abuse. The goal with this initiative is to help these women and children lift themselves out of shelters or life on the streets by giving them an opportunity to obtain professional skills and training in an environment where they can be safe from exploitation or harassment.

We make a donation in your name for every candidate you interview. Is there a charity you would like us to donate to on your company’s behalf? Just let us know.

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